Actionable Instant Messaging(AIM) is the New UI

What is AIM? (Actionable Instant Messaging)

When an instant messenger window acts as an extended User Interface of your enterprise application, with buttons, dynamic forms and customizable workflows, then it is AIM. AIM should not be confused with private chat or enterprise collaboration and communication tools.

Client Server Forms
Web Forms
Mobile Apps

AIM will become the primary UI window for two way user interaction in Enterprise Applications.

Highlights of AIM

  • Loaded buttons
  • Form shipping
  • Embedded commands
  • Agent based chat support
  • Broadcast / Campaign Management
  • Pay Button Integration

Sample use cases

US Hospital Chain using Appiyo's Actionable Instant Messaging

Health care / Hospital Application orchestrating interactions, tasks and approvals between doctors, nurses, pharmacy, admin and patients / care takers.

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies.

BFSI Application interacting with users for instant notifications and quick help queries through an always on push messenger window without the consumer having to login in to the webapp or mobile app.

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When do you really need AIM?

  • Immediacy of response required (Some user waiting for action by another user)
  • Productivity and Time Pressure
  • Need for timely information on the move that the application can fetch automatically
  • Compliance, Liability mitigation : Delivery and Response Audit Log of all interactions
  • Security : Can't use public SMS, or public chat due to data security and privacy concerns
  • Time to market, Budget and TCO concerns of ground-up custom Development

Why MeOnCloud?

  • Actionable Messaging Platform where Immediacy and Response time are critical (Example : decisions, approvals, tasks)
  • Cascading, Interactive, Instant (Example : Queries, Reply-in Context)
  • Back end Automation with Configurable Buttons, Workflows and BPM
  • Forms shipping - Dynamic UI Forms
  • Huge savings compared to alternative approaches through Premium SMS
  • Secure, Compliance to stringent regulatory norms in health care and BFSI.
  • White-label licensing with implementation and support

Consumption Models

Front End

  • White-label app
  • Embed AIM in your existing app
  • MeOnCloud app


  • On-Premise
  • Cloud

Pricing Models

  • Pay-per-Server Socket
  • Pay-per-Action
  • Pay-per-Message